Front elevation drawing

Old Bill polishing with spinner in the late 1940's.

Front Elevation

Lettercutting on a panel of York stone.





Thomas Rock carving insignia on stone in the 1960's.

Back door

Analysis sketches for Gibraltar project.

Philip Rock Dip Arch RIBA (page 2 of 5)
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My abilities are founded upon knowledge and experience inherited from my background as the son of Thomas Rock, a stonemason who founded the company Thos Rock Monumental Masons in Clitheroe in Lancashire. Before leaving school I learned to work and carve stone, to fix stone masonry, and even carry out the work of many building trades to a high quality. This now supplements my extensive and detailed knowledge of building and materials sciences and building technology, and reinforces my understanding of building and construction sequence and gives me the ability to apply these in all stages of my work as an architect so as to approach building design and construction with an especially practical insight. Furthermore, incorporating technical knowledge and technical design in the earliest stages, and having these incorporated into the building contract, ensures flexibility of design and highest quality end product. I believe these strengths are conducive to ensuring maximum value with respect to the client's investment, and preservation of the value of the nation's wealth and heritage vested in its building stock concurrent with minimising the impact in total of any development on the local and global environment.