Front elevation drawing

Indigenous form of Lakeland chimney flue terminal

using local slate.

Front Elevation







Window in stone walling - Cumberland

Back door

Part of 15thC window frame restored (left

and similar copy window.(right).

Philip Rock Dip Arch RIBA (page 5 of 5)
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I am presently in the course of consolidating my professional activities so as to practice architecture in Cumberland and Westmorland, and will be based in the Penrith and Carlisle area, where the architecture and built environment that I know and understand best is situated. A conservational approach to architecture that clearly demonstrates respect for local history and the indigenous character of places and people is both my philosophy and my specialty and is, I think, evidenced by my proven ability. Good design is not easy, but is essential to the evolution of any design that is to successfully fulfill function and facility requirements harmoniously whilst respecting constraints. Good design, essential to producing successful solutions, therefore depends on being perceptive of client needs, requirements, and aspirations.

In the first instance I am glad to meet with prospective clients on a no obligation basis in order to explore and appraise needs, objectives and services followed where desired by the preparation of a fee proposal.

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